Get instant answers to the hardest IT and security questions using a powerful SQL syntax. Run queries live or schedule them and store results in time-series.


One of the most critical security controls is an asset inventory. Know what is on your endpoints and network with automatic asset discovery.


Store and search your query results using free-text search or a graphical search builder. Hunt for threats and validate compliance like never before.

Total Visibility

DarkBytes Collect uses endpoint visibility to provide instant answers to important security questions.

DarkBytes Collect is built on Facebook’s battle-tested, open-source project called “Osquery”. Collect adds key capabilities such as fleet management, data storage, search, and automatic update to transform Osquery into an enterprise-class solution. Osquery acts as a lightweight sensor that collects data from endpoints on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Leverage a flexible SQL syntax to perform customized analytics that tailor-fit your use-case.

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