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Effective cyber-security protection through talented people, agile processes, and elegant technology.

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Stay Ahead of the Attacker

Industry-first proactive cyber-security operations solution keeping you ahead of the attacker.

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Rapid Remediation

Quickly contain threats before they can do any damage - 24x7x365.

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How It Works


Penetration testers identify exposures and recommend resilience improvements.


Experts monitor alerts and hunt all your data to find the stealthiest threats.


Real-time incident response driven by forensic experts armed with automation.


Keep improving your security posture with root cause analysis.

What You Get

DarkBytes doesn’t just send alerts like other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). We leverage proactive processes including threat hunting, breach simulation, and incident response automation while simultaneously analyzing every security event from DarkBytes Detect. Only confirmed incidents are reported so you don’t have to sift through false positives. Incidents are rapidly contained with precision to eliminate business impact.

Above-and-beyond the SLA

We strive to exceed our SLA in every way possible. We operate as an extension of the customer’s security team with customer success paramount to everything else. Unlike most managed security service providers, every customer receives complete transparency, real-time collaboration, and dedicated security experts.

Rapid Incident Response

Alerting and reporting on incidents isn’t enough. DarkBytes is paving the way for managed, real-time incident response services. We can rapidly and safely re-mediate security events without business impact.
Increase Cyber-Resilience

Harden your endpoints to prevent incidents from happening in the first place. Our experts will assess your vulnerabilities, validate their impact and likelihood, and give you a validated report with remediation details to stay ahead of the attacker.

Breach Simulation

Leverage our automated breach simulations to emulate and predict the attacker’s next move. Replace or augment your traditional penetration tests with white-box breach simulation.