Unified Endpoint Protection Platform

DarkByes is simplifying cyber-security with the first Unified Endpoint Protection Platform.

What We Believe

We believe that effective cyber-security programs should not cost an arm and a leg. Recent advances in endpoint analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing can be leveraged to unify critical cyber-security controls into a single platform.

Complexity is the enemy of security. Our platform is focused on making a simple yet effective cyber-security solution for our partners and customers.

What Problem We're Solving

We’re removing the cost and complexity associated with a high-end cyber-security program. It's time that everyone have good security.

Boards and management teams are asking for better cyber-security within the same budget constraints. Something has to give.

Why We Are Different

DarkBytes’ unique "unified" approach comes from decades of experience in the cyber-warfare trenches. We understand that cyber-security is a business problem that is about making people, process, and technology work in harmony.

If you work with DarkBytes then you can expect –

  • innovative technology that is easy to deploy and maintain
  • power and flexibility for technical users
  • engaging, transparent, and responsive customer service